Where to Start when you want to relocate your manufactured home

Don’t let the laws on moving a manufactured home deter you from starting the process. Many people successfully move their manufactured homes every year. Give yourself enough time. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process. As for what to do first, follow these steps for making sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s when it comes to the laws on moving a manufactured home. Rocky Mountain Mobile Home Transport Inc can help with reducing your stress during your moving process.


Contact the building commissioner in your new town.

They’ll be able to fill you in on any requirements around age and building codes, and any zoning issues. Unfortunately, if you can’t get past the legal requirements of this step, you’re not going to be able to move your home. If you do, however, move on to step two.

Get your title certificate and county treasurer certificate in order.

These are the documents that prove, (a) you own the property and (b) there are no taxes due on it (Tax Release Permit). If there are any taxes due, you’ll need to pay those before you will be legally allowed to move the structure. Both of these documents are required for Rocky Mountain Mobile Home Transport Inc to obtain your over width permit from Wyoming Dept. of Transportation (WYDOT) to move home on roads.

Hire a moving company that specializes in moving manufactured homes.

Most moving companies won’t allow you to book service until you have your tax release permit. While you should be doing your moving company research before this step, now is when you’ll want to choose a company and hire them for your move.

As for the cost of moving a manufactured home, for relocations within 50 miles, you should anticipate spending somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 for acquiring permits, moving your home, and hooking up utilities for a single-wide manufactured home. For a double-wide, that amount increases to about $5,000 to $14,000. This number goes up for further moves. And while it’s not cheap, it’s still a lot more affordable than buying a brand new house.

Notify your current park manager.

If you live in a manufactured home park, you’ll need to let your current park manager know that you are moving. Start by reviewing your manufactured home lot rental agreement to see how much notice you must provide and by what means. Usually, you’ll be required to give written notice of your intent to relocate at least 30 days before your move. The manufactured home lot rental agreement should also provide information about your security deposit, factors that influence how much you receive back, and how long the park has to return what you’re owed. By reviewing this information in advance, you may have enough time to make any necessary repairs to the property necessary to get the deposit back in full.